Building Your Land Flipping Business: How Fast Can You Profit?


Flipping Dirt is an incredibly reliable, low risk / high return model that can generate consistent results in a matter of a few short weeks.

When you’re looking for a new investment opportunity that will provide financial flexibility, you want something that will provide a sure-fire return, and fast. We know that dependable, quick returns sound too good to be true. But when it comes to flipping land – buying and selling vacant property – a quick and easy turnaround is typical when you use our method.

While land flipping is less exciting than flipping houses (there’s no TV show about flipping vacant land –YET! — since no one cares about seeing shots of empty lots), it’s much more reliable and can provide a quick return on investment.

When we say “quick,” just how fast can you expect to start seeing results?

In this article, we’ll go over a standard ROI timeline and what you can expect from your first few investments. Using our method, you can quickly start to make the kind of money that leads to financial freedom.

Let’s start the clock!


Weeks 1-2: Get started by selecting a market


To get started, the first step is to select a market. If you spend time researching and strategizing on the best market to jump into, you’ll be in a great position to start buying and selling vacant land.

Look for areas that have a lot of land for sale, areas that are trendy but not yet developed, or areas you’re simply interested in getting into. Your first property could be just down the street or it could be in another state. You don’t have to live in the same location as the property you’re buying, so research multiple locations.

After you’ve selected the market, obtain a list of names from the county assessor with all the properties available for sale. Some service providers can do this for you! Once you have the list, mail out offer letters to everyone on it (more on this later).

All this should take you about 2 weeks, and you’re on your way to flipping land.


Week 3: Seize the opportunity and buy your first property


Once you have received responses to your offer letters, you can begin considering which property to buy first. No matter what your budget is for buying this first piece of property, there are ways to strategize your next move.

One of the perks of this type of investment is that you can begin flipping land with very little money up-front. You can start with as little as $500, or begin with a larger amount, such as $3,000, $30,000 or more. Totally up to you, your situation and comfort level.

Now here’s the secret to our method: look for a seller who is willing to sell their property at below market value. Then you don’t have to wait for a change in the market to profit. You simply flip it! …FAST


When you send out your offer letters, offer a price below the current market. There will undoubtedly be someone willing to sell to you for your proposed price. There will also be people who will laugh at your low offer (or will be angry with you) and that’s ok; those are not your people. And just like they say when you go to the bazaar or marketplace – if you haven’t pissed off the shopkeeper with your offer, you aren’t doing something right!

After you decide how much you want to spend and choose from the available properties, it’s time to buy your first piece of vacant land. This part of the process only takes a few days or maybe a couple of weeks. You perform some due diligence and transact the deal.


Week 4-8: Turn a quick profit by reselling the property


It’s time to sell! Once you have purchased your first property, it’s time to start looking for a buyer. For most types of real estate investments, you would have to wait around for the property value to go up before considering selling, and that could take a while.

But since you bought the property for under-market value, you can turn around and sell it at market value within a few days or weeks, or even sometimes before you have closed! This is why our method guarantees results. Once you’ve put the work into finding the perfect piece of land with owners willing to sell it under market value, you are guaranteed to profit on the sale if you sell it at market price.

It might take a bit longer to find the right buyers, but you should be able to sell within a few weeks. Within a month or two of starting the entire process, you have already flipped your first piece of land – for a healthy profit!



Flipping land can be a quick and easy way to start your investment business. As we’ve shown, in just a few weeks you can start to grow a business that will lead to financial freedom, and enable you to live the life of your dreams. Or you could begin to flip land as a side hustle, just for some extra cash to keep your family comfortable.

The key is to buy land below market value, and then sell it at market price. i.e. FLIPPING


Finding people who are willing to sell at this reduced price may seem impossible, but it’s not. Life happens, and people go through a divorce, a death in the family, or have an emergency and need to unload their property fast. You can be there to help people deal with the problems in their life, just by taking that property off their hands. They don’t have time to wait for it to sell at market value, but you do.

These are just a few tips to get you started. If you’re ready to start flipping land, Flipping Dirt offers one-on-one coaching to help you build your investment business flipping land in the best and most profitable way possible. We are devoted to educating investors so they can live the life of their dreams. Take control of your financial future and enjoy the freedom that comes from buying and selling vacant land.