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We equip aspirational freedom-seekers with the tools they need to successfully deploy the best kept, cash-flowing secret in real estate so they can become the confident provider for themselves and their families and create the lives of their dreams.

Meet Us

Mike & Ligia dedicated decades of their lives ascending the corporate ladder in Fortune 100 companies, trading away their time for money while fulfilling someone else’s mission and goals. Although they were successful in advancing their careers and growing their income levels, it came at the expense of relationships, personal freedoms and the pursuit of their own dreams.

In 2016, they found themselves in a crisis moment – out of work and, more critically, out of income. At this critical moment, they were faced with a dilemma – go back into the rat race and endure more of the same; or forge a new path in life. Realizing the road they had been on was  a slow grind, counterproductive and ultimately unfulfilling, they committed to find a better way.

After researching many different options to live life on their own terms, they ventured into real estate and found vacant land flipping. They went all-in and grew their land business into a life-changing engine of cash flow and financial independence, fueling their newfound life of freedom and control.

Armed with this powerful real estate strategy and driven by a higher purpose, they’re now on a mission to help thousands of others by empowering them to chart their own route to financial and lifestyle freedom. Their Flipping Dirt Coaching Programs are designed to help others grow their own real estate ventures, produce mounds of cash flow and enable lifestyle transformation.


We believe everyone should be free to live the life of their dreams. Our mission is to provide a solution so everyone can be in control of their own future.

Enjoy all Life Has to Offer

Life is precious and if you don’t stop and act now, it will quickly slip by.

We found what we believe is the best kept secret in real estate and the fastest way to generate life-changing cash flow.

Almost everyone is in the real estate flipping game. Only a few of us play in the dirt.

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