How the Flipping Dirt Coaching Program Fast-Tracked Patrick's Path to Freedom

(and how it can help you too)

Having your financial future in someone else's hands is frustrating.
We get it!

Making the right professional and financial moves in order to provide for your family’s wants and needs is a daunting task. When you add to that a busy family life and two working parents, it can seem impossible to keep your head above water. Patrick came to us with a dream to retire his wife from her corporate career so they could live more of life on their own terms. Our land flipping business model was just the right plan to help him get there.

Patrick's Challenges

(We bet you're familiar with these)

2 incomes
+ a full schedule

Life gets super busy.

When both parents work and the kids have a full schedule, it’s tough to find the breathing room to implement changes to life.

Underperforming investments

401k’s. Stock-picking. Rental real estate. Bonds...

So much research, time and effort for so little return! Not to mention the anxiety that comes with risk and uncertainty!

Uncertain how to best use his funds

While life with 2 incomes can be financially helpful, it’s hard to know how best to deploy funds for the best ROI – especially that will deliver returns in time for you to use them...when you want to use them

Flipping Dirt To The Rescue!

Buying and selling (flipping) land is a beautifully simple business model. Our ability to help match the right strategy, tools and mindset to individual situations can help fast-track big gains in cash flow, time and freedom, giving you the power & bandwidth to fulfill your dreams faster.

How We Helped

Foundational Training

Like any new skill or technique, having a great foundation can greatly accelerate positive results. We trained Patrick on the end-to-end business model through 8 course modules and worked directly with him to customize his plan of attack, given the combination of resources he had in both time and capital. Once he was armed with the basics, he was ready for takeoff.

Personal 1-on-1 Coaching

Throughout the Foundation training and immediately afterwards, we gave Patrick individual coaching to assess progress, answer questions and provide guidance on how best to maximize his returns in the most efficient manner. With this added confidence, he was able to start quickly and see big cash flow returns in a manner of months. This quick feedback loop built a virtuous cycle to fuel his business growth.

Ongoing Business Follow-Up

Armed with skills, confidence and results, Patrick found additional opportunities to grow his land business – geographically, through partnerships and business model variations. We continued to check-in on his progress and lend continued support and process optimization feedback for continued growth.

Patrick's Results!
(6 months in)

14 properties purchased

5 different markets

7 properties sold

Top flip = 550% ROI ($4k acquisition sold for $22k)

Patrick is motivated, optimistic and having fun building his flipping empire

Now It's Your Turn!

Get the
clarity, confidence &
skills you need to seize control

If you’re dreaming of something different, better and more fulfilling, schedule a call with us to learn more and find out if our simple process using vacant land is a fit to help you find freedom faster.

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