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Our Story

We escaped the corporate world and entered the real estate market together in 2016. We formally launched our real estate investing business full time in 2017 and have incorporated multiple asset classes to combine tremendous cash-flowing financial returns with incredible tax benefits. We are currently active land investors as well as partners in more than 1,200 units of multifamily assets across multiple markets. As real estate entrepreneurs, we love enjoying ultimate lifestyle freedom while delivering on our mission in making significant impacts to both investors and the communities in which we partner. When we are not busy giving back and serving others you can find us at home, hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

What We Do

With real estate investing fast becoming the most popular industry for new investors, it’s becoming harder and harder to get your foot in the door. Not only that, but the exponentially growing popularity of short term rentals and house flipping shows means there’s no stopping it. So how does a new investor start growing their wealth without having to deal with the noise of the industry? By Flipping Dirt.

We have built our fortune by focusing on flipping land as opposed to structures, all without the time, effort, and drama that awaits young RE investors in the home flipping space. By focusing on land, you’ll not only be tapping into an under-appreciated market with exponentially less competition, but your time and effort will be minimized: no renovations, no short-term guests to manage, and no people to deal with once the sale is made. In a world where everyone’s trying to get rich quickly in the housing market, build your wealth smarter and get filthy rich by Flipping Dirt.

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